What I have learned over the last 20 years of my professional life is that without passion for what you do you simply end up in a job and your life becomes tasteless; deprived of creativity and awesome experiences.

I studied business and computer science; I worked as a graphic+multimedia designer and as the director of a private design college. A journey of over 15 years lead me to reconnect with my passion for sci-fi and the SW universe and somehow led me to become an entrepreneur in an unlikely but vibrant and demanding community. “Do or Do not; there is no try” is a powerful pop culture reference driving my life since I am 6!  Some play games, some collect, I build movies accurate costumes.  While it may look trivial to do so, the amount of creative thinking necessary is not. Turning a great costume is not unlike crafting a good piece of design work: research, detailing, sourcing, materials, construction, preparation, painting, putting it all together.

So if you going to do something and enjoy your life you probably want to focus on things you love and care about; it will no longer becomes a job but a true lifestyle that will bring you balance and happiness.