I’m happily carrying on an intertwined career path where design practice and design education became keys to the development of a healthy creative mind.

As a Creative Professional

15 years of cross-disciplinary design experience including branding, identity design, layout, UI, web design; the ability to work independently and under schedule; sound ideation and design concepts development with solid research skills to back up choices; a unique ability to understand business requirements injecting them in the creative execution; excellent presentation skills both in production and delivery.

Currently, I’m engaged in several start-up projects working on the UX/UI side of things as well as the business planification of the development. I am sitting in the directors’ board of a crowdfunding platform known as venturEase while supporting the selected projects with design consulting when required.

As a Design Educator

I’ve dedicated a significant amount of time working in Private Higher Education for an international college with campuses all around Asia. In so I started as a lecturer of all things multimedia and found my way to head their Graphic Design and Interactive Media Department. I was then asked to head their Beijing campus and took office as Academic Director overseeing all design departments. Whether I taught beginner classes or Masters one, I have enjoyed every minute of contact with my students, helping, leading and inspiring them to go beyond.

Currently I act as External Examiner for Raffles University Iskandar ( Malaysia) and RCHE Singapore where I visit twice a year to review graduating student work.

I believe in working on a broad spectrum of design practice crossing over several specialities. 

Over the past 15 years I have been fortunate to work alongside amazing colleagues and clients on challenging  projects. While a big bulk of the practice project are geared towards start-ups some notable projects include working alongside Disney to provide support in Star Wars related events, engaging Lucasfilm with Brand reporting in China; supporting global brand Specialized in understanding the specific of local market and finding the right brand partner; developing comprehensive live communication infrastructure both digital and analogue for the official visit of the City of Amsterdam and Province of Ontario amongst other.

Download my portfolio here 

Digital Production

A blend of UX, UI, App and web design.

Brand Design

Defining identities, integrating into larger scope of projects, implementing and activating.

Live Communication work

Backdrops, Live screens, presentations, booklets & publications supporting commercial events

Pure Graphics

Posters, Stickers, Illustrations and typography

Life without passion lacks creative triggers. If you find something your truly like, you might as well engage with it fully and rip the rewards of doing something this much fun. 

“Do or Do not; there is no try” has been a powerful pop culture reference driving my life since I am 6! Retrospectively speaking I an honestly say that the movie is a constant inspiration for my design identity. Through the years I have developed a decidedly modernist approach to my work akin to what the Empire has done while designing its ships, uniforms, weapons…
Since I am a true Star Wars “freak”, as some put it, I decided to fully engage the universe. Some play games, some collect, I build movies accurate costumes. They are made with all the detailing necessary to make them real replicas of what appeared on screen. To date I have completed 11 costumes including Stormtrooper, Tie Fighter, Imperial Officer, Tusken Raider and Darth Vader. 
While it may look trivial to do so, the amount of creative thinking necessary is not. The amount of research and the details involved in turning a great costume is not unlike crafting a good piece of design work. Research, detailing, sourcing, materials, construction, preparation, painting, putting it all together. I also found that during the process my mind gets more creative on other stuff I do. 
www.redshirttrooper.com is my dedicated online repository of my journey into the Star Wars universe, from my graphic work to actual costume replicas production and everything in between.
501st Vader’s Fist is a unique international non-profit organisation where membership is attributed to those making and owning movie accurate replica costumes. It raises awareness and funds for various charities around the world. 
Check my journal as it is filled with geeky star wars related contents including design work, pictorial updates on the many hours dedicated in making my costumes (chewbacca is not for the faint of heart), event pictures and other articles gathered around.